Professional Women in Building – President Heather Brandt

The Professional Women in Building of West Texas is an integral part of the Association. Members of the PWB help with many of the Association functions serve on committees and volunteer countless hours. They serve the community through many charitable and civic organizations.

One of the largest contributions the PWB makes to our community is the Scholarship Program. Each year they fund scholarships for our member’s children and college students in a construction related field. Since their inception, the PWB has funded thousands and thousands of scholarships for deserving students.

Parade of Homes Committee – Chair Bryce Daniel

The Parade of Homes has been a tradition in Lubbock, TX for over 65 years. Each year this committee makes decisions on locations, themes, charities etc.  This committee is responsible for planning all aspects of this event and members of this committee are required to be available to work a few shifts at the gate during the event.

Home & Garden Show Committee – Chair —

The Home & Garden Show has been hosted by the West Texas Home Builders Association at the Lubbock Civic Center for over 50 years. Expectations of your involvement on this committee are as follows:

• Attend committee meetings (monthly at first and as scheduled closer to event)

• Assist in soliciting exhibitors for event

• Assist in soliciting sponsors for event

• Be available to work during the event to assist staff with hospitality and oversight of ticket sales etc.

• Be available to work move-in day Thursday, move-out days Sunday and Monday as needed

Membership Committee – Chair Matt Vance

This is one of the most important committee in the Association.  The Membership Committee is charged with the recruiting of new members.  With help from the WTHBA Board of Directors the committee establishes membership goals and promotes campaigns and programs designed to grow and maintain the WTHBA membership including, new member recruitment programs, membership drives, and recognition (Spike Awards) of outstanding effort in this area by individual members.

Young Professionals Council – Chair Mitchell Anderson

Members of this council are industry professionals under the age of 45.

Developers Council – Chair Robert Wood

What Is A Real Estate Developer?

A real estate developer builds on land, thereby increasing its value. The developer may be an individual, but is often a partnership or a corporation. Developers are extremely concerned with providing useful buildings and structures. Useless buildings have no value, which means they can’t be sold or rented. However, the building can only sell if it’s in the right location, has utilities (defined as the availability from adjacent public roadways and with a sufficient capacity of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electrical power, natural gas, telephone and cable) construction costs can be managed, and the project completes on time.  This committee meets monthly and discusses all issue facing developers in Lubbock and surrounding counties.

Spring Tour of Homes – Chair Chris Lyons

This event is held in the Fall and is similar to our Parade of Homes, but is scattered throughout the city and is free to the public.

Committee plans all aspects of this event.

Golf Day – Chair Chad Tarver

This committee plans our Annual Members Only Golf Tournament usually held in May/June.  This committee is charged with
• Planning all aspects of the tournament
• Soliciting Sponsors for the tournament
• Soliciting golfers to play in the tournament

HOMEPAC Bowling Tournament – Chairman Dan Biase

The Texas Association of Builders Political Action Committee, otherwise known as HOMEPAC, was formed for the purpose of protecting, preserving and furthering the private enterprise system, in particular the development and advancement of the home building, remodeling, multi-family and commercial construction industry.  HOMEPAC provides the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the housing industry to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for public office who have demonstrated their belief in, and their dedication to, the principles to which the housing industry is committed.

Liaison Committee – Chair Robert Myers

This committee was formed in 2007 for the purpose of opening up regular dialogue with the WTHBA and our City Building Officials etc. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office and they can be brought up during this quarterly meeting.

Program Chair – Victoria Whitehead

This one man committee solicits and secures valuable speakers and programs to be presented at our monthly membership luncheons.   If you have any suggestions of speakers or topics contact the WTHBA office.

Apprenticeship Committee Chair – Christian Wentland

This committee was formed to seek solutions to help our industry solve the ever-growing problem of labor shortages in the trades. We hope to encourage young adults to enter the trades.